The fisheries department has been alerted once again to concerns from Saundersfoot residents over activity on beaches, where large groups were seemingly undertaking illegal cockle and clam picking.

County councillor for the seaside village’s south ward, Cllr Chris Williams said that concerns were raised again last month, during the exceptionally low tides, where large groups of individuals were spotted fishing for razor clams and mussels on Glen Beach, heading towards Monkstone Point.

“It had been reported to me that these groups had trolleys, large buckets, salt containers etc and residents thought this was commercial harvesting from the beaches,” explained Cllr Williams.

“I reported this incident to the fisheries department and they were already aware of activity on the beach.

“The other concern for the residents living at the Glen was numerous vehicles being parked across driveways and double-parked.

“They expressed concerns that safety vehicles wouldn’t access the road due to the illegal parking throughout the Glen.

“I then had to chase Pembrokeshire County Council’s traffic enforcement officers and visited the Glen where I witnessed many vehicles with parking tickets.

Signs are erected stating - ‘No gathering of Cockle permitted during hours of darkness’ (Pixabay)

“I also spoke with two fisheries officers. They had been conducting measurements and weight on the beaches from the shellfish being collected and stated they are allowed to collect 5kg per individual.

“The two officers commented that Asian groups do generally attend, often family groups for a day out, and it is traditional they pick food for a meal later on. This is not illegal,” explained Cllr Williams.

To address concerns in the locality previously, signage had been erected displaying information for those not familiar with the byelaws and legislation, stating: ‘No commercial gathering of any Shellfish permitted on this beach. No gathering of Cockle permitted during hours of darkness. For guidance in relation to the taking of shellfish, please refer to the Welsh Government website at'.

“The fisheries department is well aware of activity on the beaches at very low tides and they will continue to monitor it,” continued Cllr Williams.

“They insisted that they will maintain a presence at irregular times in the area and they would suggest that if anyone has concerns, then please ring the Police on 101 and this will be passed on directly to the fisheries department.

“We rely heavily on the public providing information to us on which we can act, and would seek as much factual evidence as possible,” he added.