There was a close call this week for neighbours in a Pembrokeshire village, when a giant tree came down during Storm Debi, but incredibly, missed the property...and even the garden furniture!

The tree came downon Monday (November 13) at a garden in Trelessy Road in Llanteg.

“A friend and neighbour, Peter Hellings phoned me Monday, when winds were at 100mph five houses down, to tell me one of his giant trees -- with four main trunks, each nearly a metre-thick at the base - had been blown down, but amazingly had not harmed any of his garden furniture!” said Peter Watson who took these snaps.

Tree Llanteg
“It’s as though the roots below ground had been dynamited,” said Peter Watson. (Pic supplied)

“It’s as though the roots below ground had been dynamited; they were all rotten, so could not sustain the100ft-tall trunks soaring above!” he added.