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Sunday 4th April 2021 7:00 am
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Prior to the March meeting of Amroth Community Council, which was again held online via Zoom, Clr. Stephen Phillips welcomed Chris Taylor, ranger for PCNPA, to discuss planting for wildlife and insects which councillors have discussed previously as a possible project.

ACC look forward to working with Chris on improving the environment for pollinators. Councillors will help identify suitable ground in the wards that could be planted. A meeting will take place in June to further this idea.


Arising from the minutes

• Llanteg Gardening group have agreed to carry out maintenance work on community land this year. The arrangement will be reviewed annually.

• The tide has already washed away the pebbles from the end of the promenade leaving an eight-foot drop at the New Inn end. NRW and PCC have been informed and photographs sent. It was agreed that the clerk send a request to PCC that a safety barrier be installed

• ACC have hand delivered a letter/flyer to all dwellings in the wards. The letter invites residents to sign up to a GDPR compliant email list so ACC can communicate directly with residents on matters relating to the area. A telephone number was also included so those not online can sign up for information by mail. The flyer also gives information on how residents can submit an expression of interest(EOI) to the Pembrokeshire Ultrafast broadband scheme

ACC encourage all residents to do this as infrastructure installation is dependent on interest from the community. Submitting an EOI does not commit residents to sign up to ultrafast broadband or to any cost implications, as the infrastructure will be paid for by Welsh Government. If a flyer has not been received, please contact the clerk.

• PCC Highways carry out verge clearance and the rubbish issue on the road between the Amroth junction on the A477 and Stepaside has been reported to them.

• Two new defibrillators have been installed in the wards, one at the Wanderers Rest, Llanteglos, and one on the wall outside Rose Villa, Stepaside. ACC are very grateful to the owners for their permission to install the defibrillators at their properties and to Tenby and Saundersfoot First Responders for installing and maintaining them.

• The stone bridge at Wisemans Bridge has been further damaged by the tide. Metal spikes are now visible. PCC have surveyed the bridge and say they will write to the owners to carry out repairs. SCC have also been informed as it is on the ward boundary. It was agreed that the clerk should contact PCC for an update on action taken, with a copy to Clr. Baron.

• Unfortunately, ACC have been unsuccessful in the bid for Keep Wales Tidy litter picking equipment. The offer was heavily oversubscribed. It was agreed that the clerk should find a source and cost of litter picking equipment that can be used in the wards.

• Road studs (cats eyes) are used on motorways, high-speed dual carriageways and at the transition between dual to single carriageway. The Welsh Government (WG) is of the opinion that the section of the A477 through the wards does not fall into one of these categories.

WG confirmed that the traffic signing is present and correct with junction warning signs mounted on yellow backing boards and advanced directional signs to highlight the road’s geometry along with visibility being good.

Whilst it has been determined that there have been a number of minor accidents on this section of trunk road, the majority of these occurred during daylight hours and therefore the addition of road studs would not address this issue.

The South Wales Trunk Road Agent will continue to monitor this section of trunk road network and will make the WG aware of any issues. Details of the most recent personal injury collision data recorded by the police will inform the need for any engineering measures or changes to speed limit which will improve safety on this section of trunk road.

• Amroth CC youth representative. Councillors have met with PLANED to progress this. A video advertising the opportunity has been shared widely on social media. A webinar is being developed to inform candidates on what will be involved. Anyone interested should contact the Amroth clerk in the first instance.

• The tap outside the toilets in Amroth will be connected when PCNPA deem it safe to do so following Covid regulations.


Councillor’s Report

Child poverty in Pembrokeshire: A recent report by the End Child Poverty Coalition, using Department of Work and Pensions data has shown that in 2018/19 Pembrokeshire had the highest child poverty rate in Wales with about 31 per cent of children judged to be living in poverty. The causes of this poverty are varied, but the main contributory factors are seasonal, low-wage employment and a relatively high level of workless households. In 2019, 21.5 per cent of households were workless in the county compared with 18.4 per cent in the whole of Wales. While much of the child poverty is to be found in towns, such as Pembroke Dock, there is substantial poverty in rural areas. The Covid-19 pandemic has, no doubt, worsened the position. The number of households in Pembrokeshire in receipt of Universal Credit was 3,886 in November 2019 and 8,134 in November 2020.

A seminar, with the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, Sally Holland, as the lead speaker, was held virtually on Tuesday, March 16, for Pembrokeshire County Councillors. The problem of child poverty is being addressed on a non-party political basis. There is widespread agreement that the life chances of our young people must be a top priority. In the long run the balance of the county’s economy needs to be shifted with more permanent high-paying jobs and this depends largely on Government and local government working in partnership to encourage economic development. However, in the meantime, it is important to recognise the negative impact of childhood poverty on aspiration. This is something, I believe, the wider community can help with through local action.

Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grants: Congratulations to all those who worked on the successful Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant applications for the Summerhill Playground, Amroth Free WiFi and the Historic Road Names projects. A new block of money, allocated to Amroth Ward according to its number of second homes, will become available in April. Given the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on young people, a project that has youth engagement at its heart might be something that ACC could pursue.


Meadow House Holiday Park, Stepaside. Change of use of land for the siting of nine relocated static caravans, associated infrastructure, improvements to existing site access and ecological enhancement.

Several letters of objection had been received which were read out at the meeting. Concerns were raised on privacy issues with some caravans overlooking neighbouring properties. There is already a high number of caravans in the vicinity and the LCA produced for PNCP in Nov 2015 stated that the area was already at capacity and no further developments/ extensions should be progressed unless minor. The proposalwas no different to an earlier proposal which was refused.

Councillors agreed that a letter of objection be drafted.

Kilgetty Farm, Kilgetty Lane, Stepaside. Installation of a 20m high lattice tower equipped with four antenna and two 0.6m dishes along with assocated equiptment and means of enclosure.

Councillors did not object to this proposal in principle but, based on information that an old mansion once stood on the site, had concerns about the destruction of sites of historical importance. Dyfed Archaeological Trust or CADW should be consulted prior to any decision being made.

Roslyn Hill, Stepaside. Convert stone barn, currently being used for storage into a one bedroomed holiday let.

Letters of objection had been received which were read out at the meeting. Access to the property is awkward and the current pull in for traffic on the road belongs to the property. If this is to be incorporated in the plans, it will impact on road safety. ACC were to draft an objection based on road safety.

Rookery, Stepaside. Tree surgery/felling. Councillors asked that the PCC tree officer be contacted as to the significance of the tree prior to comments being drafted.

Following receipt of this application, ACC wrote to Planning Support as, to date, no reply had been received regarding previous objections to the scale and position of the new house here submitted by residents, which were at odds with the planning application. Clr. Baron reported that Enforcement was to view the property.

Land adacent to 18 Summerhill. Erection of a dwelling. This application was refused.

1 Woodside Heights, Clos Yr Ysgol, Stepaside. Conversion of and extension to existing garage to provide residential annexe associated to existing dwelling. This application had been cancelled

The Dingle, Amroth. Garage with ancillary accommodation at first floor. Councillors had no objection to this application.


• The Welsh Government is currently consulting on its new Litter & Fly-tipping Prevention Plan for Wales. The document provides an overview of the current position in Wales in relation to littering and fly-tipping, the measures which have already been introduced to address these issues and what it believes needs to happen next. The consultation can be accessed via the web link:

The consultation will close on April 22.

• Pembrokeshire Food Bank operations are staffed Monday to Friday 10 am to 2 pm. They can be contacted on 07913 989624

• Pembrokeshire County Council is currently undertaking an Active Travel Network Map consultation (ATNM) which will run in three stages:

Consultation 1 - This was a consultation exercise online, hosted by Commonplace at This finished at the end of March.

Consultation 2 - The second step of the consultation will see the council share the initial findings and ask people what they think of the plans proposed as a result of the feedback received.

Consultation 3 - The third stage of the consultation will give members of the public a final say on the Active Travel Network Maps before they are sent to Welsh Government for approval. These maps will have been produced taking into account public feedback and ideas from consultations 1 and 2.

By upgrading facilities and creating new walking and cycling routes, the council plans to make Active Travel the popular choice for local journeys, to increase the attractiveness of local communities as places to live and work, improve health and well-being, and help tackle air pollution.

• The Long Course Weekend has been cancelled for 2021 due to ongoing Covid restrictions.

• A resident had written asking if road verges can be left to grow or cut at the end of the growing season to encourage pollinators. Agreed; A project to look at suitable land in the area that could be incorporated into a planting scheme will be carried out in conjunction with the National Park ranger. Councillors commented that many road verges in the area would not be suitable as they must be cut to maintain road safety, this being the priority.

• Residents had written expressing alarm that traffic was being diverted down Rosemary Lane when roadworks take place by Kilanow Farm. Already an HGV had been seen reversing blind back onto the A477. The clerk had written to PCC traffic section who had adjusted the diversion so that Rosemary Lane was still included but only one-way traffic. South bound traffic from Ludchurch would be diverted via Rosemary Lane and vehicles heading north would be diverted through Stepaside and north to Ludchurch.

• A letter of thanks had been received from Stepaside School following a donation made by ACC.

• PPC have notified ACC that surface dressing will take place during the year on the C3014 Summerhill Cross- Amroth 30 mph and the U6380 Duncow Hill, Wisemans Bridge.

Educational Charity of

David Rees

Clr. Harvey reported on behalf of the trustees that they are looking to improve the offer that the charity provides in a fair and sustainable way. By finding out the number of eligible children currently in school, the aim is to make an offer, better tailored to individual needs, based on the money available. A discussion took place on possible sources of finance, and ways it could be used to support the education of the children of the parish. Trustees will bring a proposal to the council meeting in April for further discussion.

Amroth and


Community Association

The hall is closed for the duration of lockdown. Clr. Tippet Maudsley thanked Clr. Harvey for all his work to secure funding to improve the play area in Summerhill.


Village Hall Committee

The hall has been cleaned and sanitised but remains closed at this time. Coffee mornings are taking place via Zoom.

Projects/ Updates

Clr. Phillips reported that PCC vabinet had approved all three submissions to the Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant. These are new equipment for Summerhill Play Area, Free Wi-Fi for Amroth and historic road name signs for Llanteg. This is in addition to Exercise Jantzen which is already ongoing. He congratulated all those involved in submitting applications.

Other Matters/ Urgent BusinesS

• Clr. Phillips proposed that an annual donation to Tenby and Saundersfoot First Responders be made as a contribution to the maintenance of the defibrillators in the area. This was to be added to next month’s agenda for discussion.

• Clr. Harries reported that seats were being installed in the Old School Gardens and Clay Pits and he had received two requests for additional memorial seats in Amroth. A third seat was also needed to replace one sold last year. Clr. Harries will identify possible locations and report to the April meeting.

• Clr. A. Evans reported that the ‘Give Way’ sign at the top of Birds Lane in Stepaside had been replaced.

• Clr. Harvey suggested that the agenda may have to be adjusted to incorporate a section for the youth representative when he/ she is appointed.

• Clr. Harvey questioned why the bus schedule was still offering a very restricted service and suggested that a better service would be needed when the visitors arrive, Covid restrictions allowing. Clr. Baron will investigate and report back to the April meeting.

• Clr. Mills reported that the salt bin had still not been installed at the entrance to Clos Yr Ysgol. The clerk was to contact PCC.

• Clr. Cormack asked if ACC would consider sponsoring an independent report on the impact of rising sea levels on visitor parking at Wisemans Bridge. It was agreed that this be added to the April agenda for discussion.


Date of the next meeting of the council is April 22 at 7 pm. This will be via Zoom unless informed otherwise.

Anyone wishing to observe online, please send your email address to [email protected]

If you would like to be kept informed as to information regarding matters affecting the parish, road closures, public consultations, sea defences etc., please email the clerk and you will be put on the council’s secure mailing list (GDPR compliant).


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