‘All dogs should be banned’ from Tenby - states second home owner in letter to town council

By Paul Evans   |   Content editor   |
Friday 21st May 2021 12:15 pm
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In his correspondence to Tenby town council, Mr. Thompson said that in his opinion 'all dogs really should be banned' ()

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A second home owner has written to Tenby town council with an off-kilter request for ‘all dogs to be banned’ from the seaside resort.

In correspondence due to come before councillors when they hold their remote meeting on Tuesday (May 25), Mr. David Thompson (who is listed on Companies House as being a member of the board at Tenby’s Croft Court complex since December 2018) wrote that he felt that the town was ‘not a suitable place’ for dogs.

“Since 1973 we have been regular visitors to Tenby. We own property at Croft Court and much enjoy the town’s facilities,” wrote seventy-four-year-old Mr. Thompson in his letter to the town council.

“Depositing litter continues to be a problem and on the dog issue, whilst appreciating dogs are not allowed on certain sections of the beaches from May 1 to end of September, which is good policy, we would be pleased if it could be extended to also prevent dogs utilising the grass area opposite us and other public areas used by members of the public, and children in particular, but being used as a regular toilet.

“Dogs are also allowed on leads to urinate against sign posts and general issues on the public rights of way and streets through the town.

“In our opinion all dogs really should be banned. The town is not really a suitable place for a large influx of our canine friends much as we love dogs - it’s not really a suitable place in our opinion,” he continued.

Mr. Thompson also flagged-up concerns in his correspondence over the ‘behaviour of certain individuals visiting the town’ impacting on its amenities and possible public health issues.

“During our stay at the end of April we witnessed two individuals urinating, one on the public grass area opposite the Croft Court flats against the hedge and another one on the concrete steps leading down to North Beach immediately below,” he stated.

“We hope that the Town Council and possibly Pembrokeshire County Council can continue to take action to keep Tenby the very special place it is.

“We do not wish to be spoilsports and want everyone to enjoy themselves but health issues, particularly for younger children, are an area of concern in these areas as you may understand,” he added.

While visiting and enjoying the county’s beaches, dog lovers have been asked by Pembrokeshire County Council to be mindful of some seasonal restrictions regarding their pets.

Between May 1 and September 30 dogs are not permitted on Tenby's North Beach, Castle Beach and Harbour Beach, whilst there is a partial ban on part of the South Beach.

However, some other beaches in Pembrokeshire have specific dog-free areas designated.

Other areas indicate where dogs must be kept on leads.

Maps of the dog free areas and further information can be downloaded at: https://www.visitpembrokeshire.com/downloads


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