During the half-term holidays, all sections from 1st Kilgetty Scout Group went for a three-day activity break at the Urdd Centre at Llangrannog. Beavers, Cubs and Scouts numbering some 23 all told went along with leaders, plus parents from the Beaver section.

They arrived midday on the Wednesday just in time for lunch, after which everyone settled into his or her rooms. In the afternoon, everyone had the chance to have a go at skiing on the dry ski slope, while others enjoyed themselves on the toboggan run. After supper all went off to have a game of rounders, which came to a close when the sky started to go a dark shade of blue and it looked like they were all in for a soaking if they didn't move quickly.

On the Thursday morning after breakfast they had the chance to go horse riding, while others from the group went on the rope course. Even Christopher from Scouts got involved, despite having his arm in plaster! Off to lunch and then roller blades, pedal go-karts and then a go around the quad bike course - and all this done before tea! And then after tea all went for a swim in the leisure pool for some fun time. After supper, some spare time to go off shopping, and yet another go (and yet more wet backs) on the toboggan run.

Friday morning after breakfast, time to pack away, but not the swimming kit, for it was back in the pool and one last go on the quad bikes, pedal go-karts and the roller blades.

At the closing ceremony, Eager Beaver awarded the following badges: Sam and Ben had their second Beaver badge and Mollie and Max gained their first Beaver badge.

Thanks go to all staff at the centre for making the group's time there most enjoyable and helping them to cram so much into such a short amount of time, and thank you to Mr. Chris Cozens who joined them.


Last Saturday, 1st Kilgetty Scouts took a trip over to Ramsey Island with a difference!

As part of the Dragon Award, an ongoing Scout award project, they had to spend a night on an island and they chose Ramsey.

They started the adventure on Saturday when they caught the afternoon sailing over to the island. While sitting at the stern of the boat they all got a little wet when the boat crossed the waves to get to the landing stage at the island.

Once all bags had been safely transported up to the barn and supper put in the ovens to cook, Scouts headed off to explore the island, climbing to the top of Carn Ysgubor before heading back to the barn.

After supper, wide games were played until dark and then no argument about lights out, because once the generator is shut down for the night that's it!

Sunday morning, one of the island residents made himself known! As there are no foxes on the island, the chickens are not shut up at night, and so Mr. Bantam Cock was out and about before the dawn and waking the whole of the island up at the same time! One leader was heard to ask if anyone would like roast poultry for Sunday lunch!

After bacon sandwiches for breakfast, they set off on a treasure/tracing hunt with a difference, following tracking signs. Once they found the prize, they had to bring it back to the barn, the prize being a spoonful of jelly, but no spoons or plates were allowed in bringing it back.

Later that morning, Scouts once again set off to explore, this time heading off down the other end of the island and climbing both Carn Llundain and Foel Fawr, both of which gave the most spectacular views.

Once back at the barn, it was time to pack kit away and have a quick lunch (not roast chicken).

Scouts and leaders left the island on the 4 o'clock sailing just 24 hours after they had arrived, but what a very enjoyable time everyone had.

Once again, on the homeward sailing, Scouts sat in the stern of the boat - not a waterproof coat in sight. But this time they were not the ones who got wet. One of the leaders who was sat close to the bridge of the boat caught a really good soaking when the boat went across the waves - much to the Scouts' delight!

All Scouts and leaders would like to say a very big thank you to both Ian and John who helped them while they were on the island and to the crew of the Seal Bay for a fun crossing.