In last week's issue of the Observer, you published a letter from the Tenby Walled Town Residents Association which was rightly critical of the very steep increases in Tenby's multi-storey car park charges. Whilst not wishing to detract from this criticism, I recall in North Wales, Porthmadog really prohibitively expensive car park charges of around £5 per day - and this was quite a few years ago.

But there are two possible solutions to the new scale of charges for daily use:

a) come in to Tenby using our local bus services or

b) come in on your bike.

I am well aware that solution (a) doesn't have the convenience or is as cheap as using one's own car (yes - even with the new car park fees tacked onto the cost of the petrol used).

Solution (b) is the best one because you can park your bike anywhere you like within reason in Tenby. Nothing could be more convenient and easy. I hasten to add that I'm well aware that not all of us are physically able to cycle, but I'm equally sure that many of us could and should. Apart from the all-important convenience factor, the health benefits are without question.

Paul Rich,

'The Burgage',

St. Florence.