Tenby’s RNLI crew were called into action to assist air rescue services after a climber had fallen off a cliff.

The all-weather lifeboat was tasked to launch shortly before 4pm on Friday, March 22, to assist the Wales Air Ambulance with a climber that had fallen 15 metres off a cliff at Gilman Point, near Pendine.

The Air Ambulance had landed on the beach, but the Dr and Paramedic had no way to get to the patient, as he was cut off by the incoming tide.

The Haydn Miller lifeboat was soon on scene and the Y-boat was launched to collect the medics, before dropping them ashore, along with casualty care trained lifeboat crew members to assist with the casualty.

The inshore lifeboat was then also tasked to attend the incident due to it's larger size and ability to carry more people and equipment.

Whilst the casualty was receiving treatment, a Coastguard rescue helicopter arrived on scene and winched a crew member down, along with a stretcher.

Once stabilised, the casualty was immobilised and placed on the stretcher, before being winched into the helicopter, along with the medics and then flown to hospital in Cardiff.