A casualty stuck in the mud at Pembroke Dock with a rapidly incoming tide was rescued by Angle RNLI in a multi-service operation on Wednesday.

Angle All-Weather Lifeboat was requested to launch at 3:45pm to assist with the despondent male, who was stuck in the mud around 50 metres from the shoreline off Criterion Way, near Front Street Pembroke Dock.

The lifeboat launched and made best speed up towards Pembroke Dock, and en route the crew prepared the Y boat and casualty recovery equipment.

Whilst en route, an update was received that the casualty was now in the water. At this point, Coastguard Rescue Helicopter R187 from St Athan had also been tasked.

Once on scene, the Y boat was immediately deployed and headed in to the assist the casualty. The Y boat crew found the casualty frightened and cold, waist deep in water and stuck firmly in the mud. A crew member entered the water and was able to free the casualty and take him onboard the Y boat where he was swiftly landed shore on the nearby slipway into the hands of the Police, Fire Service and two Coastguard Rescue Teams.

With no medical assistance required, the Y boat was recovered and the lifeboat was stood down shortly after. The crew headed back to station where the lifeboat was readied for service once more by 5pm.