Air and sea rescue services were tasked with helping a fishing crew this morning, after being alerted to a vessel on fire off Skokholm Island.

At 8.05am this morning (January 30) Angle’s all-weather lifeboat was requested to launch following a direct page from the Coastguard.

A fishing vessel with three persons onboard had issued a Mayday call stating that they were on fire, in a position west of Skokholm Island.

The Lifeboat launched and began making best speed to the casualty vessel.

St David’s Lifeboat was also in the process of launching and Coastguard Rescue Helicopter R187 from St Athan had also been tasked.

A local range safety vessel and guard vessels working nearby were also proceeding having responded to the Mayday broadcast.

Around 20 minutes later, the lifeboat arrived on scene, with the helicopter now also overhead and ready to carry out an immediate evacuation if required.

The lifeboat crew began to assess the situation, and following a discussion with the skipper it transpired that the vessel had suffered an engine fire due to a burst oil pipe and fortunately the crew had managed to get it under control.

An update was passed to the Coastguard and a plan made to transfer two of the lifeboats’ own fire extinguishers to the fishing vessel as a precaution, before then proceeding to escort the vessel towards Milford Haven.

However, not long after beginning the escort the fishing vessel reported that its remaining functioning engine was now experiencing issues and they requested a tow.

The lifeboat crew prepared a tow and shortly after a line was passed and a tow established.

At this point, both the Coastguard Helicopter and St David’s Lifeboat were stood down with thanks.

With the tow set, the crew began the 2.5hr tow back towards Milford Haven, where regular welfare checks were undertaken with the vessels crew.

Arriving off the entrance of Milford Docks just after 11 am, the fishing vessel was placed into an alongside tow and taken into the lock pits.

Following a lock in, the fishing vessel was then manoeuvred into the docks and placed alongside the wall and secured.

With no further assistance required, the lifeboat and her crew were stood down to return to station where she was readied for further service by 12.30 pm.