Incidents of violence that erupted in Pembroke Dock in broad daylight over the weekend, with footage emerging on social media of a man in a hoodie sinisterly wielding a weapon in the street said to be a machete or Samurai sword, and of people fighting themselves to the floor, have left many in the community fearing for their safety.

Police and emergency services were called to the scene on Saturday afternoon (June 15) whilst what has been described as ‘awful scenes’ of chaos continued to escalate.

Machete man Pembroke Dock
Footage emerged on social media of a man in a hoodie sinisterly wielding a weapon in a Pembroke Dock street said to be a machete or Samurai sword (Tik Tok/X)

Many members of the public who have stated that such situations are becoming a worryingly regular occurrence, and are seemingly related to drugs, with many long calling for police to take robust action to tackle the situation.

“About time the police had a massive crack down on drug dealers in Pembrokeshire - it’s getting ridiculous now!” posted one concerned member of the public on Facebook.

Drinkers inside one pub on Pembroke Street were locked in for their own safety whilst the incidents were on going on Saturday; whilst the owner of another drinking establishment nearby said that one of those allegedly caught up in the violence scrambled into the premises to escape, looking like they were “off their face” at the same time there was a lovely group of ladies enjoying an afternoon of food and drinks inside.

“At that time, I didn’t know what was happening in the street with the guy and the sword,” stated the licence owner, before “some crackhead” came in.

“It’s not the first time! Something needs to be done. Two days ago, there were around 12 police officers marching in the street with tools to break down their door at midday! Why aren’t they being sorted out?” they added.

Pembroke Dock machete man
Incidents of violence erupted in Pembroke Dock in broad daylight on Saturday, with footage emerging on social media of a man in a hoodie sinisterly wielding a weapon in the street said to be a machete or Samurai sword. (Tik Tok/X)

Concerns at the level of policing in the Pembroke Dock and Pembroke areas of the county were recently raised by local county councillor and town councillor Jonathan Grimes.

“Anti-social behaviour is on the rise, drug-taking is on the rise, and the police response is woefully inadequate at the moment,” remarked Cllr Grimes.

A spokesperson for Dyfed-Powys Police told the Observer: “Police responded to a report of disorder and an individual with a weapon, on Pembroke Street, Pembroke Dock at approximately 4.50pm, Saturday June 15.

“Emergency services were dispatched immediately and arrived at scene shortly after.

“Four people were arrested; three males aged 51, 47, 46 and one female, 37 and have since been released on bail, pending further police enquiries.

“We are not looking for anyone else in relation to this incident.”

Superintendent for Pembrokeshire, Craig Templeton of Pembrokeshire said: “We understand this has caused concern amongst residents in the area.

“We would like to thank members of the public for their patience and support during this incident.

“You will likely see a greater police presence in the area and our local officers will be available should you have any concerns and wish to speak with someone.”

If you have any information that may assist officers in their investigation, please contact police either online via, [email protected]; via direct message on social media; or call 101.

Quote reference: 252 of the 15th.