Pembroke Bridge held a 90th Birthday celebration for Joy Whitelock, who has been playing her favourite game for a very, very long time!  

Joy, along with her late husband Mike, travelled far and wide to compete in bridge tournaments far and wide.

Irene Delahunty said: “It was a true pleasure to entertain and acknowledge such an accolade of being able to continue playing at the grand old age of 90!

“Joy was presented with gifts and a birthday cake and had a wonderful afternoon tea celebrating with all her bridge friends at Pembroke Bridge Club. Congratulations Joy!“

Recent results were as follows:

Tuesday, June 13:  8 tables, 1st Tim Dean and Mike Baker 80.9; 2nd Derek Earle and Cindy Middleton; 3rd Judy Lewis and Brenda Harris; 4th  Irene Delahunty and Graham Hadlow; 5th  Wayne Jenkins and Kevin Thomas.

Wednesday, June 14: 1st  Martin and Aileen Neilan; 2nd Frances Williams and Matt Greener; 3rd Tony Cookson and Ian Haston; 4th Julie Milewski and Irene Delahunty.

Friday, June 15: 1st Martin and Aileen Neilan; 2nd Mike Baker and Peter Milewski; 3rd Carmel Wiseman and Peter Oeppen; 4th Lee Collier and Irene Delahunty.

Tuesday, June 20: 8 tables, 1st Clare Neale and Emma Alsford;  2nd Derek Earle and Cindy Middleton; 3rd Irene Delahunty and Graham Hadlow; 4th John Gardener and Joy Whitelock; 5th John Seal and John Bowen.

Wednesday, June 21: 1st Tim Dean and Sonia Griffiths; 2nd Ian Haston and Tony Cookson; 3rd Vida Halford and Glyn  Williams; 4th Julie Milewski and Irene Delahunty.

Friday, June 23: 1st Tony Cookson and Mike Baker; 2nd Ian Haston and Julie Milewski  3rd Lee Collier and Irene Delahunty; 4th Martin and Aileen Neilan; 5th Liz Richardson and Anne Dalziel.

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