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Gold Cup finals today

Who will be 2017’s winner of Tenby Bowling Club’s coveted Gold Cup? That’s the question on everyone’s lips at the Sutton Street green today (Friday) as the six-day competition reaches its final stages.

Since Sunday, over 100 bowlers, including ladies for the first time in the event’s 93 year history, have been doing battle for the two most sought-after titles in Welsh bowls.

Three ladies entered, but we will have to wait for another year to have the first female winner as sadly none made it through the prelim round of the Gold Cup.

Sponsored by Molston Coors Brewing Co Ltd., the Gold Cup prize has a £1,000 first prize.

Early results were as follows:

Gold Cup

Prelim round: Jonathan Hubbard 8 David Kingdon 21; Viv John 21 Colin Holmes 8; Jordan Hooper 20 Finley Williamson 21; Kevin James 21 Richard Cowling 6; Huw Nicholas 21 Mike Oliver 15; Hazel Retallick Scr v Jeff O’Keefe scr; Ashley Williams 20 David Weale 21; Mike Day 10 Ryan Edwards 21; Dai Newth 21 Maxine Mellerup 15; Paul Marks 21 Jo Shewry 1; Keith Michael 21 Matt Cuthbert 20; John Culley 21 Ian Davies 18; Dilwyn Jones 14 Henry Watkins 21; Paul Mason 21 Ben Cloake 11; Wayne Webster 12 Phil Lewis 21; Alex Western w/o Iestyn Williams scr; Shaun Peregrine 21 Tommy Nutt 7; Tony Duckfield 8 Jeff Morgan 21; Keith Evans 21 Andre Bann 16; Jordan Driscoll scr Dennis Hooper w/o; Paul Bancroft 21 Colin Jones 15; Sidney Butler scr Mike Duckfield w/o; Dale Gorman 21 Mike Jackson 14; John Roberts w/o John Smith scr; Steve Williams w/o James Criddle scr; Eilyr Lloyd 13 Marcus Smith 21; Jack Breen 21 Ashley Western 9; Phil Carpenter 21 Dion Peregrine 16; Andy Mellerup 9 Liam Price 21; Joe Richards 8 Russ Mellerup 21; Paul Diment 21 Ronan Breen 12; Mark Weiland 21 Mark Driscoll 11; Dai Spencer 21 Tony Rose 19; Katie Thomas 13 Cameron White 21; Tom Holmes 9 Jim Hoskins 21; Lee Williamson 12 Vaughan Williams 21.

Percy howells Silver Bowl

Prelim round: Keith Michael 21 Keith Evans 16; Tony Duckfield 8 Joe Richards 21; Mike Jackson 21 Shaun Peregrine 13; Henry Watkins 12 Katie Thomas 21; Jordan Hooper 12 Paul Diment 21; Iestyn Williams 21 Mike Day 5; Viv John 8 Vaughan Williams 21; James Criddle 21 Dilwyn Jones 2; Jim Hoskins 5 Russ Mellerup 21; Dai Newth 14 Mike Oliver 21; Jack Breen 21 Tony Rose 9; Richard Cowling 19 Dave Weale 21; Thomas Holmes 15 Cameron White 21; Dale Gorman 20 Ashley Williams 21; John Culley 21 Alex Western 18; Dennis Hooper scr Sid Butler scr; Paul Marks 21 Colin Holmes 4; Colin Jones 21 Jeff Morgan 12; Liam Price 21 Huw Nicholas 6; Dion Peregrine 21 Andy Mellerup 7; Phil Carpenter 21 Ashley Western 9; Phil Lewis 21 Eilyr Lloyd 6; Hazel Retallick scr Ben Cloake w/o; Dai Spencer 12 Jeremy Watkins 21; Finley Williamson w/o Jeff O’Keefe scr; Colin Davies 21 Mark Weiland 12; Ian Davies 7 David Kingdon 21; Mike Duckfield 18 Lee Williamson 21; Shane James 21 Wayne Webster 16; Andre Bann 20 Steve Williams 21; Marcus Smith 8 Mark Driscoll 21; Matthew Partridge 21 Ryan Edwards 7; John Roberts w/o Jordan Driscoll scr; Matt Cuthbert 21 Paul Mason 16; John Smith 20 Maxine Mellerup 21; Paul Bancroft 21 Jo Shewry 9.

Five Arches 82 (12 pts.) St. Thomas 65 (2)

After the previous week’s memorable win against Whitland, it was off to Haverfordwest for the next league game with recently promoted St. Thomas as the opposition.

Rink one once again saw Webbie and his rink on top form. With the return of Bill and good performances from Ken and Beano, they had a commanding lead after 10 ends of 17 shots to three. A better performance from St. Thomas in the second half saw them close the gap slightly, but the Five Arches boys ran out easy winners by 24 shots to 15.

Captain Ashley and his rink of Mike, Jon and Steve also eased to a nine-shot victory. Fine play by all four saw them pick up five counts of three shots in their 22 shots to 13 win.

Tony and his rink of Roger, TP and Neil also continued on their winning ways. With the game evenly poised at tea, it was decided by a magnificent count of six shots picked up by the Five Arches rink on the 12th end. This provided the lead and they were never caught and finally won by 22 shots to 20.

Dai and his rink of John, Dave and Viv had a much closer game on rink four. In the lead after four ends, down after eight, up again after 12 and down again after 16. With the last five ends evenly split, the St. Thomas rink edged the game by 17 shots to 14. Once again, a great performance by the Five Arches team.

Next game, home to Milford on Saturday, August 12.

Rink scores (Five Arches first, St. Thomas skips only):

Ken Lloyd, Bill Benham, Huw Nicholas, Jon Webb 24 Phil John 15.

Mike Day, Jon Hubbard, Steve Davies, Ashley Hooper 22 Tony Wilks 13.

Roger Thomas, Tony Powling, Neil Dickinson, Tony Rose 22 Mike Richards 20.

John Rees, Dave Lloyd, Viv John, Dai Spencer 14 Mike Codd 17.

Tenby 87 Haverfordwest 68

On Thursday July 27, Tenby Sharks welcomed Haverfordwest to Sutton Street. Tenby knew that this would be a tough game to win, as the visitors were full of talented players that would not make it easy for them.

Rink one saw Welsh international Ryan Thomas and his rink of Cameron White, Charlie Morse and the returning Peter Day, who were up against Alan Whitehouse. The Tenby rink controlled the match the whole way through, leading by six shots at 10 ends. They went on to win by 15 shots, which was a great performance.

Rink two consisted of Dion Peregrine, Peter Hooper, Saundersfoot open finalist Mike Jackson, and John Roberts. This was a tough game for the Tenby boys, up against the in-form Richard O’Leary, who has had great success with the county finals. They led by two shots at 10 ends, but fell behind by six shots after 17. It then looked promising, as the Tenby rink reduced the gap to within one after 19 ends, and looked to take the lead going into the final end. But O’Leary played a brilliant shot to pick up the win for the Haverfordwest rink by five shots.

Rink three featured Andrew Muskett, and his rink of Dai Rees, Joe Richards and Chris Court. They were up against Roger Price, and kept things level at eight shots each after 10 ends. Unfortunately, they couldn’t quite stay in the match later on, as they went behind by nine, and although they restored some home by picking up a four on the 17th end, they went on to suffer defeat by five shots.

Finally, rink four contained Kieran Peregrine and his fearsome rink of Luke Rees, Tenby captain Ben Cloake, and recent Saundersfoot Open champion Paul Diment. They were against Gareth Barrett’s rink, where they kept things close at nine shots a-piece after 10 ends, but then pulled away during the final few ends of the game, winning by 14 shots.

This resulted in a 10 points to four victory for the Sharks and kept the pressure on the other teams for the league title.

The next game for the Sharks is home to Haverfordwest St. Thomas tomorrow (Saturday) at 2 pm.

Tenby Sharks would like to congratulate Paul Diment on winning the Saundersfoot Open, and to Mike Jackson who reached the final. Further congratulations go to Shaun Peregrine who will be travelling to Sheffield to participate to the special Olympics. We all wish you the best.

Rink scores (Tenby first, Haverfordwest skips only) as follows:

L. Rees, B. Cloake, P. Diment, K. Peregrine 27 G. Barrett 13.

D. Rees, J. Richards, C. Court, A. Muskett 19 R. Price 24.

C. White, C. Morse, P. Day, R. Thomas 27 A. Whitehouse 12.

D. Peregrine, P. Hooper, M. Jackson, J. Roberts 14 R. O’Leary 19.

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