Mystery of Tenby Island 'bull' set for 'spectacular' ending

By Observer Reporter in Community News

Following on from the mysterious ‘beast of Tenby’ story, where sightings and beastly sounds have been reported coming from St Catherine’s Island - five bulls caused mayhem on the streets of ‘Abertarw’ last week, and by all accounts, these were no ordinary bulls!

Eyewitnesses described the beasts as the biggest, wildest bulls they had ever seen, and put it down to pure luck that nobody was hurt, although there was damage to one particular property.

As reported in the Tenby Observer, St Catherine’s Island has previously denied any existence of animals on the island, however, this week, a spokesperson for the historic landmark confirmed that there were bulls living on the Island, and also admitted that five bulls did escape last week.

“When the tide is out, we hide the bulls safely on the very far end of the island.

“However, on Tuesday, as we were shepherding them to safety, a bright scarlet kite fell into their path! It’s hard to describe how this angered the bulls. That kite falling down in front of them was like…. Oh, I don’t know, as I said, it’s hard to describe it.

“They ran off the island so fast that we lost sight of them within minutes.”

It is believed that the bulls left Tenby, through Llanbuwch, and towards Abertarw - where mayhem ensued.

Most of the damage occurred when one particularly reckless bull went charging up Udder Avenue, and into Gladys Peppercorn’s Antique Glass and China Shop.

The damage to the shop could have been much worse had it not been for the quick thinking of an off duty local policeman, who grabbed the horns of the bull, and led him out of the shop.

Ms Peppercorn said of the policeman: “He really took the…. how can I say this…. he really took charge of the situation! How he managed to shift that beast I’ll never know - he’s as strong as…… he’s a very strong man indeed!”

But there is no need to be alarmed - Tenby Rotary Club have caught all five bulls, and are keeping them out of harms way in a safe location before they return them to St Catherine’s Island on Sunday, August 6, coinciding with the Rotary’s first Summer Spectacular event of the year taking place down Tenby Harbour.

If you are lucky, you may get to see a glimpse of the bulls as they make their way down to the island through the streets of Tenby, with the ‘Bull Run’ event (which is child friendly!) to take place at 3.30 pm, ending at the harbour at 4 pm.

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